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Saturday August 26th 
10am - 2.30pm 

Yang Style Fan
18 Forms

The Chinese have a saying regarding weapons;   "The shorter it is – the more dangerous.  The more ordinary looking – the deadlier it is."  


The fan may conjure up images of romance and grace, but what many people are unaware of, is the history of the versatile fan as a lethal martial weapon.

The innocent looking fan could be hidden in a sleeve and carried closed to conceal daggers or darts and opened to hide one's movements. "Fighting Fans" had ribs made of honed metal and carried folded, it was recognised as a weapon. Even when opened the fan could still appear harmless; however, in the hands of an expert, a fan  could  become suddenly lethal.

All movements within this form are practical, useful techniques for self-healing and self-defense.. 

All Saints Parish Church Hall

Corner Cromwell and Oxford Streets

New Lambton

Resource materials provided

Certificate provided

Fans available for purchase at the workshop

Refreshments provided

BYO lunch

NB: Workshop dates and /or topics are subject to change without notice

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