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Workplace Wellness

Mental illness, stress and anxiety is costing Australian business $13 billion a year through absenteeism and lower productivity. (ABC 4 October 2019)

According to Safe Work Australia (2018), more than 7,200 Australians are compensated for work-related mental health conditions each year, equating to around 6 per cent of workers' compensation claims.

With mental stress and chronic diseases on the rise, it is inevitable that Australian organisations will be affected by increasing absenteeism and lower productivity levels, with staff increasingly on sick leave or not performing optimally when at work.


The workplace culture and environment are powerful influences on behaviour and should be put to use as a means of assisting employees adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Corporate Tai Chi workshops introduce a low cost, safe and effective activity into the workplace. 


This healthy workplace initiative is supported by a number of institutions such as Lifeline Newcastle Hunter, One Door Mental Health and The University of Newcastle.

Proud to provide support
to allied health initiatives including
Hunter Primary Care and
Hunter Breast Cancer Support Group.
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