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Amanda Heidke Ta Chi

How Tai Chi Works

From a traditional view point Tai Chi is used to promote personal energy for self healing and wellbeing.


Energy (or Qi) travels around the body in energy channels called meridians.


Tai Chi works because the muscle movements have been specifically designed to stimulate the flow of Qi through the body and when Qi flows smoothly people are well.


The Western Perspective

Correct body posture and spinal alignment releases tension and pressure which results in improved posture which in turn improves the digestive system and removes stress from the back.


The variation of weight distribution during Tai Chi movements increases the flow of natural lubricant and nutrients into the joints which results in easier movement.

The Benefits

The most immediate benefits from practicing Tai Chi are a clearer and more relaxed mind and a greater ability to deal with difficult situations with less stress and anxiety.


Several weeks of very simple movements will improve  flexibility, strength and balance, with other benefits including improved functioning of internal organs, better breathing and improved sleep. 

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