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Great exercise during pregnancy

" I started Tai Chi before I fell pregnant, and when I did my doctor advised that it was a great exercise to do during pregnancy so I continued. I really enjoy the classes and have found it very helpful throughout my pregnancy. As a low impact exercise it is ideal as it doesn't put too much strain on my body while still getting my body moving and stretching. I have also found it great for my breathing and stress levels. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and intend to continue for the remainder of my pregnancy as you can easily tailor it to your individual abilities". 


Amanda is so encouraging

"I love my tai chi classes, and even though I sometimes feel that I am not as coordinated as others in my group, Amanda is always so patient and encouraging. It is a lovely place to learn with a wonderful group of people, we usually have a coffee or bite to eat together after class which is great fun too. If only I had discovered tai chi earlier in my life!"


Mindful and connected

"Playing Tai Chi is a wonderful experience. The mindful way you perform the physical movements and the feeling of connectedness you create, takes you away from the fast paced busy world and provides you with a relaxed, peaceful one in exchange."


The right place

"Tai Chi class on a Monday night can’t be beat. It’s the perfect way to start my week.

Amanda is inspiring, welcoming, patient, knowledgeable, calming and a fantastic teacher.

The Tai Chi Centre was recommended to me by my acupuncturist to help with my anxiety, from the first class I knew I was in the right place and I haven’t looked back."


My health has improved significantly

"Amanda is an excellent teacher of tai chi who explains the movements in a simple and good humoured way.  Each movement is designed to benefit the body. I suffer from arthritis and various injuries (neck, back, etc) and my mobility, strength and posture has significantly improved since beginning tai chi.  Tai chi also helps me with stress as the classes are an exercise in mindfulness". 


My Diabetes is under control

"I have been going to my tai chi classes regularly and I also practise for 20minutes every day at home, I have my diabetes under control and I feel terrific.  Amanda cares about every single person in her classes and she really makes everybody feel very welcome. I enjoy the clear instructions and even though we learn many things we have many laughs too, I love it ".


Greatest benefits for my mental health

After a lifetime practising various martial arts, I found that my body could not take the stress of full contact martial arts any longer. However, having been diagnosed with the modern plague that is clinical Depression - I knew a martial art would significantly benefit my health and have now been practising Tai Chi for over five years.
I have discovered that the health benefits of Tai Chi are second to none. Not only has Tai Chi helped alleviate the symptoms of clinical Depression, it has in some cases solved or soothed and allowed me to manage chronic pain and degenerative joints. So much so it has allowed me to avoid joint replacement operations and has given me the ability to continue in other sports that are highly aerobic and stamina based.
Yet, all of the benefits I have experienced are only possible through consistent and knowledgeable teaching. I have found Amanda to be an exceptional teacher, able not only to teach forms for the health benefits but also able to outline and enhance the martial aspects of Tai Chi that I personally enjoy so much. Her knowledge of the forms and her discerning eye have ensured my technique has improved significantly which in turn ensures my Tai Chi practice soothes my injuries and prevents me from hurting myself or placing undue strain on my body. It also allows me to achieve the greatest health benefits for my mental health as I concentrate on movement rather than pain.
I consider my experience in martial arts puts me in good stead to identify an excellent teacher/mentor and I can't recommend Amanda and her Tai Chi centre more highly.


Professional, Positive and Fun

People always exclaim “oh you drive all that way to come to tai chi, surely there is a class closer to you!”  My response is always the same "Not a class with a teacher who displays such a professional attitude while maintaining a wonderful  sense of humour, who is always positive and shows respect for her students  ...... and that respect is very much reciprocated." 


Her style is quite unique  - that's OUR teacher Amanda.


Amanda is an inspirational tai chi teacher

"Rather than just following along without knowing what I am actually doing, I find the amount of information Amanda shares provides me with a much greater understanding, and it certainly makes learning easier. I have been an adult educator for most of my career, I appreciate a teacher who shows the kind of care, clarity and pace of learning that Amanda does. She is a true inspiration!"


I am so glad I continued

I can’t get enough Tai Chi now, but when I first started, I really wasn’t even sure if I liked it. 

After doing  Zumba previously, I struggled with the slow and controlled movements of Tai Chi, in fact, I was not really sure it was for me at all. I decided to stay for a few terms and give it a fair go before opting out and before I knew it I was hooked. I certainly feel and see the benefits and I am so glad I have continued with my Tai Chi and Qigong .

Amanda is an amazing teacher;  very knowledgeable, caring , encouraging and makes learning fun – no pressure lessons.  The fellow TaiChi’ers are just a nice group of people and a pleasure to be around.

It is humbling and rewarding to be part of the world wide Tai Chi family. The more you do, the more you learn, the more your health and wellbeing benefit. 

I  love Tai Chi!


An ancient martial art

"For me Tai Chi is the most poetic of the martial arts. It almost forces you, through mastering sets of movements, to relax physically and de-stress mentally, while at the same time enhancing your flexibility, health and self awareness.  I am only a beginner, but the art is ancient, so whilst I love the physical control and concentration required, what motivates me to continue my Tai Chi journey is the underlying Tao philosophy of harmony with nature and with each other".  

PS: Did I mention that Amanda is a fantastic teacher and that Tai Chi is also heaps of fun!


My Doctor and Physiotherapist are amazed

"I am so happy I found Amanda and her Tai Chi classes. I have been going to classes regularly and even though I have a significant shoulder injury which required surgery, Amanda modified the positions for me so I could still do my weekly class and come away feeling better. I wish I had found out about tai chi years ago".

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